jr-pats-tournament-setup-team-2014-bThe Jr Patriots Youth Wrestling Team was started in 1996 by former Parkway South wrestlers who wanted to see the sport grow in the St Louis area, while helping the area high school wrestling teams excel with a steady supply of experienced Freshman wrestlers.

The Jr Patriots Wrestling Club is an amateur wrestling organization located in St Louis Missouri that has been teaching Saint Louis kids great wrestling technique for 20 years!

Join our club and learn how to wrestle using time proven Folkstyle Wrestling techniques designed for beginning wrestlers to advanced wrestlers. We compete against other area amateur wrestling clubs at the many youth wrestling tournaments and youth wrestling camps available for our wrestlers to attend.

The Jr. Patriots Youth Wrestling Club (Jr. Pats) is a Non-Profit kids wrestling team run by volunteers who are passionate about the sport of wrestling, and believe that the sport brings out the best in those who participate in it.

The Jr Patriots Kids Wrestling Team acts as a feeder program for many St. Louis area high schools.

We put the focus on the kids, and the goal is to teach folkstyle wrestling to anyone age 5-15 who wishes to learn how to wrestle, while promoting teamwork, good sportsmanship, work ethic, and team pride.

Practices consist of stretching, strength and conditioning (running, sit-ups, push-ups etc.) learning new wrestling techniques, practicing the techniques, and live wrestling. We may even play a game or two at the end of practice.

The tournaments we enter are usually on the weekend, and are always AAU / USA sanctioned events. We wrestle against other pee-wee and youth wrestling teams in the area, which are similar to ours.

Most of the wrestlers who come through our club start with no prior knowledge about the sport of wrestling, but end up with great wrestling careers. With all of the practice and live wrestling experience under their belt that we offer, they will already have a huge head-start on their competition when they get to the High School level.

The Jr Patriots Give You More!
If you have done any research into St Louis Wrestling Clubs, you’ll see that most other clubs cost far more than ours, and then you still have to pay for each of the tournament entrance fees, which will end up costing another $200 or so on top of the club fees.

With the Jr Patriots Wrestling Club the signup fee is far less than other clubs and includes up to 5 tournament fees, AAU athlete membership, as well as a Jr Patriots Wrestling Club t-shirt!