aau-usa-wrestling-logosJr Patriots Wrestling Club AAU & USA Wrestling Options

The Junior Patriots wrestling club is chartered with two sanctioning bodies: AAU Wrestling and USA Wrestling. Each organization sanctions wrestling clubs and wrestling tournaments.

The Junior Patriot club fee includes the cost of AAU membership. The majority of tournaments that the club participates in are sanctioned by AAU Wrestling, as it has a strong presence in the St. Louis region. It is possible to wrestle only AAU events and have a full season with strong competition. Included on the AAU calendar are the Ozark Championships, Missouri National Challenge, and Ozark AAU State Tournament. These are big tournaments with high quality competition. Even our best wrestlers will face all they can handle at these events.

Outside the immediate St. Louis region, the predominant sanctioning organization is USA Wrestling. Wrestlers who wish to compete against others from outside the St. Louis area, or who want to compete in the Missouri USA State Tournament series, may purchase a USA Wrestling card. The cost is $40.00.

While the vast majority of tournaments that we do as a club are the local AAU events, we are making a strong effort to compete in more USA tournaments.   There are many USA Wrestling sanctioned tournaments that some of our wrestlers may wish to compete in, in addition to the AAU tournaments. They can be found here:




We will send wrestlers to these USA tournaments:

There are no upcoming events at this time.


** The Missouri USA State Wrestling series includes the District and Regional qualifying events as well as the State Tournament held at the Chaifetz Arena on the SLU campus. The top six from District qualify for Regional, and the top four from Regional qualify for State.

– The USA State Tournament is the true Missouri State Tournament. The AAU State meet has great competition, but consists mainly of clubs in the St. Louis area. The vast majority of Missouri clubs outside of the St. Louis area wrestle only USA tournaments, and the competition is on a little higher level.

In addition, following the core folkstyle season we’re in now, there are many camps, clinics, other tournaments, and freestyle & Greco-Roman wrestling tournaments (what they wrestle in the Olympics). Most of these require a USA Wrestling membership so it’s a good thing to have if you’re going to continue wrestling.

For more information and to get your card, start at http://www.missouriusawrestling.org
If you would like to purchase a USA Wrestling card for your boy please contact Coach Greg at 314-368-1438 or greg@jrpatswrestling.com