If you have questions about Jr Patriots Wrestling, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked wrestling questions. We hope you’re able to find the answers to your question.

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Jr Patriots Wrestling Team

How long has the Jr Patriots been a wrestling team?
Do Jr Patriots coaches get paid?
Can I make a donation to help the club?


What do I need to bring when we sign up for the Jr Patriots wrestling team?
Can girls signup to wrestle on the Jr Patriots Wrestling Club?
Where does the signup money go that we pay the club?
Why does the Jr Patriots Wrestling Club cost less than other teams & clinics?
Can my son / daughter's friend join with our child, and wrestle each other?

Practices & Equipment

Where will the Jr Patriots Youth Wrestling Club practices be held?
What does my son / daughter need to wear when they come to practice?
What can I do with the wrestling shoes/equipment that my son/daughter has outgrown?


Do you have fliers available for the tournaments the club will attend?
Are Jr Patriots wrestlers required to go to the practices and tournaments?
How dangerous is wrestling?
What is the difference between 'for profit' and 'non-profit' clubs?
Does the Jr. Patriots Youth Wrestling Club have a Booster Club we can help out with?


Will there be weigh-ins with different ages and different weight classes?
Will my son / daughter have to loose weight to make a certain weight bracket?
What should my son / daughter eat before they wrestle?


Are there any personal hygiene issues that we should be aware of?
How does the ranking system work?
I don't understand the scoring system used in wrestling, can you help?
I don't understand what the hand signals mean that the referee uses, can you help?

MMA Moves

Does the Jr Patriots teach any Mixed Martial Arts (MMA/UFC) moves?
Where is the school where the team is wrestling today?