Please take a minute to read the Jr Patriots Wrestling Code of Conduct. This is something that we take very seriously.

Good Sportsmanship is #1!

The Jr Patriots St Louis Youth Wrestling Club would like our parents and wrestlers to know what we expect from them, and what they should expect from us.


  1. No Jr Patriots wrestler is to physically or verbally abuse any coach or fellow wrestler.
  2. Wrestlers must listen to and follow the directions of all coaches. Wrestlers will be expected to work hard at practice or will be asked to sit. Wrestlers are not to be disruptive during practice or competitions.
  3. If a wrestler is disruptive during practice, we will give verbal warnings, and if that fails, a parent may be required to attend all practices until the wrestler can act appropriately.
  4. At all times, wrestlers must conduct themselves in a mature and respectful manner to all wrestlers and coaches.
    a. No unsportsmanlike yelling or cheering if a wrestler is hurt.
    b. Win or lose, wrestlers MUST shake hands with their opponent. (not a slap, a real handshake – hand-slaps will result in a verbal warning)
    c. No vulgar or obscene gestures of any kind should ever be made by a Jr Patriots wrestler.
  5. No Jr Patriots wrestler is to use abusive and/or profane language while at a Jr Patriots function (practices, tournaments, meetings, etc.).
  6. Wrestlers should make every effort to attend all scheduled Jr Patriots practices.
  7. Wrestlers are not permitted to play games in the wrestling room unless a coach is present.
  8. The Parkway South practice facility, and any school where competitions are held, are to be respected.

Violation of this code of conduct will result in disciplinary action by the Jr Patriots coaches and administration, up to and including dismissal from the team.

Possible Disciplinary Action

  • Verbal warnings
  • Practice or tournament suspensions
  • Dismissal from the team

All Jr Patriots wrestlers will be held responsible for compliance with the Jr Patriots Code of Conduct.


  1. No Jr Patriots parent or fan is to physically or verbally abuse another parent, fan, coach, wrestler or referee. If a parent has a problem, concern or issue with a fan, wrestler or another parent, the only proper venue for discussion is with a Jr Patriots coach, or the operator of the tournament.
  2. All parents are to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner:
    a. No unsportsmanlike yelling, such as: booing, teasing, or cheering if a wrestler is hurt or losing. No instructions to take specific advantage of any injury incurred by an opponent while wrestling.
    b. No unsportsmanlike gestures of any kind will be allowed.
  3. Except in an emergency, no non-coach parent is to interfere with practices, meets or coaching at any time. Parents may be in the wrestling room to observe practice, but are to wait until before or after practices to interact with their child or talk with the coaches unless there is a need for immediate action..
  4. Please see that your child is picked up at the designated time after practice. The coaches will try to finish practice as close to the designated time as possible.
  5. At tournaments, parents should try and stay in the stands to cheer for their wrestlers. Most tournaments will require an AAU Coaching Cards to be at mat-side during matches. Parents who do make their way to the side of the mat should try and not yell wrestling moves, as many times the wrestler will start listening to the parents instead of what the coaches are telling them.
  6. Do not slap or hit the wrestling mat for any reason. Slapping the mat creates confusion among the wrestlers and referees, and could cause the wrestlers to think a pin was called, when it wasn’t, causing the match to end quickly.

All Jr Patriots parents, as well as their guests, will be held responsible for compliance with the Jr Patriots Code of Conduct.


  1. I will always keep youth wrestling a positive and fun experience for my team.
  2. I will encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support of all players, coaches, and officials at every practice or other youth wrestling events.
  3. I will place the emotional and physical well-being and safety of my team above all other considerations.
  4. I will practice positive reinforcement at all times with my team, and will reward them for their accomplishments.
  5. I will read and seek to be informed about the rules of AAU/USA wrestling.
  6. I will always speak to referees with respect at all times, on and off the mat.
  7. I will be respectful to other wrestlers and coaches, in victory and defeat
  8. I will keep an open line of communication between myself and other coaches, parents, and team administrators.
  9. I will set a high level of commitment that I will encourage my team to follow.
  10. I will be on the mats at all times during practice. Discussions with parents or spectators will be held before or after practice, unless absolutely necessary.
  11. I will attend practices regularly in order to understand what the team has worked on, so that I may effectively coach at tournaments.
  12. I will support and promote the Jr Patriots Wrestling program, and not engage in any activities that conflicts with the best interests and goals of the club.
  13. I will refrain from using profanity
  14. I will refrain from using or being under the influence of drugs, tobacco or alcohol while attending youth wrestling events.

All Jr Patriots coaches and parent-coaches will be held responsible for compliance with the Jr Patriots Code of Conduct.